Thursday, 22 March 2012

The body shop lip butter

Hey girls just wanted to share with you my latest obsession.. The body shop lip butters come in different flavours and they all smell so yummy!! This product smooths out my lips ALOT better than Vaseline, as I always find my lips dry out a lot quicker when wearing Vaseline!

errr dummy!

errrmm somehow im following my own blog? lol such a dummy!!!!
room is all nice and tidy! gorgeous Thursday afternoon.. loving this weather.. lets hope it lasts!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Muji Acrylic Storage

Hey Guys, I went to Muji today and finally picked up the acrylic storage boxes.. rather than using them for makeup.. I decided not to use them for makeup as yu can't really fit alot of makeup in them.. i.e blushes and powders.. So I've decide to use mine for my jewellery!

I got the 2 wide drawer set with the lifting lid, I also got the two inserts to go in this set for my rings and then also two of the one drawer jewellery case.. with the dividers.

Two Drawer divider~~~

All my rings fit really nicely in this and I love the fact I can see them all clearly and it looks really nice too!!!

There are two types of inserts you can purchase, I decide on these ones as i have quite a few rings that I wanted to display so I wouldn't have to rummage for them..

They also have a two drawer set that doesn't have a lid as well, so you could place another one underneath..

The set of drawers was £11.50 , and the inserts are £6.50 each

The jewellery boxes came with the dividers but you can arrange them to how yu like.. I arrange mine so I could put all my studs in one tray and then the dangley ones in the bottom tray, my larger hoop earrings are kept in a separate box.

These boxes were £11.95 each

I love these boxes not only because my jewelery is so organised now but also cos it looks sooooo pretty!

I also think it is very affordable and very good value for money as they are very sturdy and well made..

I might get another one for my bracelets but I'm not sure yet as I'm pretty happy with how I store them at the moment..

If yu guys wants more details about the boxes please check the Muji website...

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Monday, 5 March 2012


Hi guys welcome to this little blog of mine... here I'm gonna be sharing all the tips and tricks I've picked up.. and I hope I can answer any questions you may have about anything!!!

a lil background info...

I've neva thought of myself as a makeup artist.. but I've worn makeup since I was 18 and have picked up lots of hints that I wanted to share with you guys...

Ive loved makeup since I first wore it.. and have always loved doing my friends makeup and hair...

so i hope yu guys enjoy this blog and feel free to ask me anything! If I know the answer I will do my best to answer them!!!