Sunday, 23 September 2012

Jolie Box - Beauty Box

Jolie Box
 A Monthly Beauty Box =)

Hi Guys,
After many months of debate I decided to sign up to two monthly beauty boxes =)
After ALOT of research and thought, I went for the Jolie Box and The She Said Beauty Box...
Background Info = Jolie Box originally started in Paris and have only recently started to ship/subscribe to the UK.. You pay a monthly Subscription fee of £10 Plus £2.95 P&P and in return you will receive 4-5 hand picked beauty samples ranging from hair/skin and makeup products.
In my box this month I actually received 6 items as they included an extra item as it was my first box.. which was a lovely surprise! 
*Thank You Jolie Box*

The first product was a full size item - A Balmi SPF 15 lip balm in Mint. I have been using the lip balm and it is very moisturising with a lovely tingling/cooling effect.                                          I have researched this product and you can actually purchase this from Boots for £4.99 and it also comes in Strawberry, Raspberry, Coconut and Blackberry. 
This looks a lot like the EOS lip balms from the states with the same sort of shape and packaging. Its definitely worth checking out if like me you have very dry lips!

I also received some hair ties that are suppose to eliminate dents in your hair after tying it up. Don't really have an opinion of these as there just hair ties! :-P

Another full size product was the "I Love" face mask.. I haven't used this yet but hopefully it'll be good as this is peel off mask suitable for all skin types.. I've always loved peel off masks.. I think its just the whole thought of peeling it off! Lol..

The Next product was a Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion 30ml 
I am forever trying different haircare products as I am constantly dying my hair and using hair tools on it so I am very intrigued to try this out. This actually smells Amazing! 

The Extra sample this month was the DR.Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliate. They sent me two sachets of this, I did go on the website and check out the product and a full size would cost £25 for 50ml.. they also gave me a code for 20% off with free P&P.. I tried it out tonight and first impressions - it did leave my face feeling smoother and softer but it did have a really strange smell.. A mix between seaweed and plants.. very strange...If you want to order from the site send me a message and I will send you the code! =)

 My Extra Product!
So Susan Wide Awake Palette 

-                        This was actually included in last months beauty box, when I saw this on YouTube I really wanted it!! So I was very happy that Jolie Box sent it to me!! =D                                                                This is a gorgeous little palette that includes a illuminating cream, a highlighting cream and an eyebrow kit, also inside you get a brush and a pair of tweezers! The creams are a lovely texture and really easy to apply!

If you would like a more in depth review of any of the products just let me know! 

Overall I'm very happy with my first ever beauty box and hope the standard will remain!
Disclaminer - I Paid for the box with my own money and am not affliated with the comapany!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Me Me Me Cosmetics

Me Me Me Cosmetics 

About the company - There isn't a lot of information on the website about the company itself.. Its marketed as the "Affordable Boutique Brand" you can purchase the products from the website Me Me Me or at your local Superdrug. Its definitely worth checking out if your a lover of makeup as its pretty affordable!

The Goddess Rocks are my new favourite beauty product! They retail for £12.50 for 27g of product! This product does not give such a strong bronzing finish as some other brands I've used however it gives the most amazing highlighting effect on the skin! I've wearing this everyday for the past month and had so many comments on how amazing it looks and I love it!!! Definitely worth the purchase and if you compare it to the Mac Mineralize Skin Finish which cost £21 for 10g of product its a lot cheaper and gives the same sort of result!

This is the Eyeshadow trio in 03- retailing at £5.50.. 
The colour payoff is not very strong on its own, so I recommend using a primer prior to make the colours stronger! It's a perfect trio to have with you all the time as the colours are perfect for day wear and then you can adapt to create a gorgeous smokey eye! Cannot wait to get the other colours aswell!

The Flawless Concealer comes in 3 shades... Retailing at £6.50.. I got 06 Honey. This has a lovely creamy texture and covers all my imperfections perfectly without leaving a dry feeling/look to my face! 
I have also been using this as a highlighter over my foundation with my bronzer/blush and it gives me a gorgeous glow!!

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to Subscribe!!! 


"Disclaimer = All items were purchased with my own money and I am not affiliated with the company"

Broadway IMpress nails!!

Hey guys so I wanted to let you guess about my latest obsession! You can purchase these nails from SuperDrug for £6.99... The ones I bought are the "Vamp it up" which have a lovely neon colour palette with a pretty heart design!
The nails itself has a gel adhesive on the back.. All you need to
Do is remove the backing and attach to your nail! Quick and easy! :D
I did have to file down the sides of the nails as I have really small fingernails but this wasn't a big deal for me! I didn't however like the gel adhesive as I didn't think it was strong enough so after 3 days I took them
Off and reapplied them with a nail glue! They've been on for over a week and still look amazing!!!
They are definitely worth checkin out if your going for a night out or just want something different!
Let me know what you guys think!!!