Sunday, 23 September 2012

Jolie Box - Beauty Box

Jolie Box
 A Monthly Beauty Box =)

Hi Guys,
After many months of debate I decided to sign up to two monthly beauty boxes =)
After ALOT of research and thought, I went for the Jolie Box and The She Said Beauty Box...
Background Info = Jolie Box originally started in Paris and have only recently started to ship/subscribe to the UK.. You pay a monthly Subscription fee of £10 Plus £2.95 P&P and in return you will receive 4-5 hand picked beauty samples ranging from hair/skin and makeup products.
In my box this month I actually received 6 items as they included an extra item as it was my first box.. which was a lovely surprise! 
*Thank You Jolie Box*

The first product was a full size item - A Balmi SPF 15 lip balm in Mint. I have been using the lip balm and it is very moisturising with a lovely tingling/cooling effect.                                          I have researched this product and you can actually purchase this from Boots for £4.99 and it also comes in Strawberry, Raspberry, Coconut and Blackberry. 
This looks a lot like the EOS lip balms from the states with the same sort of shape and packaging. Its definitely worth checking out if like me you have very dry lips!

I also received some hair ties that are suppose to eliminate dents in your hair after tying it up. Don't really have an opinion of these as there just hair ties! :-P

Another full size product was the "I Love" face mask.. I haven't used this yet but hopefully it'll be good as this is peel off mask suitable for all skin types.. I've always loved peel off masks.. I think its just the whole thought of peeling it off! Lol..

The Next product was a Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion 30ml 
I am forever trying different haircare products as I am constantly dying my hair and using hair tools on it so I am very intrigued to try this out. This actually smells Amazing! 

The Extra sample this month was the DR.Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliate. They sent me two sachets of this, I did go on the website and check out the product and a full size would cost £25 for 50ml.. they also gave me a code for 20% off with free P&P.. I tried it out tonight and first impressions - it did leave my face feeling smoother and softer but it did have a really strange smell.. A mix between seaweed and plants.. very strange...If you want to order from the site send me a message and I will send you the code! =)

 My Extra Product!
So Susan Wide Awake Palette 

-                        This was actually included in last months beauty box, when I saw this on YouTube I really wanted it!! So I was very happy that Jolie Box sent it to me!! =D                                                                This is a gorgeous little palette that includes a illuminating cream, a highlighting cream and an eyebrow kit, also inside you get a brush and a pair of tweezers! The creams are a lovely texture and really easy to apply!

If you would like a more in depth review of any of the products just let me know! 

Overall I'm very happy with my first ever beauty box and hope the standard will remain!
Disclaminer - I Paid for the box with my own money and am not affliated with the comapany!

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