Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Broadway IMpress nails!!

Hey guys so I wanted to let you guess about my latest obsession! You can purchase these nails from SuperDrug for £6.99... The ones I bought are the "Vamp it up" which have a lovely neon colour palette with a pretty heart design!
The nails itself has a gel adhesive on the back.. All you need to
Do is remove the backing and attach to your nail! Quick and easy! :D
I did have to file down the sides of the nails as I have really small fingernails but this wasn't a big deal for me! I didn't however like the gel adhesive as I didn't think it was strong enough so after 3 days I took them
Off and reapplied them with a nail glue! They've been on for over a week and still look amazing!!!
They are definitely worth checkin out if your going for a night out or just want something different!
Let me know what you guys think!!!



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